Clay Resumes Medal Quest

SEATTLE - For Bryan Clay, the past 10 months after he won Olympic decathlon gold in Beijing revealed a surprising paradox: These days, the world’s greatest athlete may be the world’s most-overlooked one.

Victory in what is considered track-and-field’s toughest event — 10 running, jumping and throwing competitions — once conferred larger-than-life status to guys like Bob Mathias, Rafer Johnson and Bruce Jenner.

Not for Clay. Other than his photo on a Wheaties box, Clay isn’t recognized much. A decathlon gold medal, America’s first since Dan O’Brien in 1996, has conferred neither riches nor the expected celebrity.

Sitting on the patio of his in-laws’ home in Seattle, Wash. where he spent last week training for the U.S. Outdoor Track & Field Championships that begins Thursday in Eugene, Ore. with the decathlon competition, Clay, 29, laughs and shrugs at fate’s fickleness.

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Clay Resumes Medal Quest

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By: Meri-Jo Borzilleri