Water Stunt Duel

KHON2 Sports made it possible for two of Hawaii’s biggest athletes to meet for the first time. Decathlete and gold medalist Bryan Clay and UFC light weight champion BJ Penn have never before met in person, but on Friday we got the two together.

One of the points of interest was the video posted by BJ Penn.com, of BJ himself during training camp jumping out of a three foot pool onto the deck with no hands. Clay, who currently is sitting out of competition while rehabbing a leg injury saw it as a challenge so when the two met at the Hawaii Prince Hotel, Clay took the opportunity to duplicate Penn’s feat…and jump out of the Hawaii Prince pool…measured 3 feet 5 inches.

Even though the two have accomplished athletic success in two vastly different sports, they have long admired each others accomplishments from a far.

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Hawaii’s Own BJ Penn and Bryan Clay Duel

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