Promark Financial Joins Bryan Clay

The Bryan Clay Foundation was created in 2005 by two-time Olympic Decathlon medalist and the “World’s Greatest Athlete”, Bryan Clay. The Foundation, whose vision is “Building champions, changing lives,”
aims to mentor youth as they mature and to help motivate and empower them with the opportunities, desire, and practical tools necessary to maximize their potential.

Through its programs, the Foundation encourages character development and the pursuit of physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well-being.

The Foundation’s most recent venture, the National Walk for Wellness Campaign, is designed to unite communities around our youth in a wellness education program at elementary schools across California (with a national launch scheduled for 2011.) In addition to wellness education, the Foundation helps participating schools execute turnkey walk-a-thon fundraisers with an effective short-term, easily executable solution to budget cuts at the local level.

Bryan Clay, Founder and CEO of the Bryan Clay Foundation states, “What we like most about Promark Financial is that their track record models a commitment to excellence lived out with consistency and conviction. I am confident the impact of this partnership will be a legacy remembered for generations to come.”

David Parsons, COO of the Bryan Clay Foundation adds, “The best part about having Promark Financial on board is not what confidence or credibility we derive from the partnership, but rather, the experiences our youth will gain as the result of an altruistic investment. Thus, our pride becomes our ability as a team to execute effectively on their behalf and to succeed in unlocking the positive power of their potential.”

Promark is excited about teaming up with the Bryan Clay Foundation. Our goal at Promark Financial is to donate $7500 in 2010 to the Bryan Clay foundation. As of June 2010, contributions to the foundation have totaled $2500. We are collaborating with the Bryan Clay Foundation to support the organization’s ongoing efforts to digitize and advance its technological platforms in order to better serve and empower youth. Funds will help to drive organizational awareness and highlight the positive impact made possible by donors, corporate partners, and volunteers.

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Promark Joins Decathlete Bryan Clay to Make a Difference

Date: July 2, 2010

By: TJ Taylor

Promark Financial