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Clay Races at Harvard

The gun goes off, and after seven seconds I figure that I’ve seen everything I need to see. The 60-meter dash is the shortest possible race, but one competitor easily separated himself from the field, Read more »


Wheaties Fuel: Developed With the Help of Bryan Clay

Just in time to jump start those fitness-related New Year’s resolutions, new Wheaties FUEL™ cereal – created with the help of Peyton Manning, triathlete Hunter Kemper, Kevin Garnett, gold medal-winning decathlete Bryan Clay, Read more »


Shaping Up to Be Big Year for Clay

Bryan Clay declares himself “in the greatest shape of my life.” The injuries that wrecked his 2009 season and kept him out of the World Championships have long since mended. Read more »


Clay Introduces Red Recovery Routine

From gold medalists to weekend warriors, athletes at every level are in search of new ways to reduce pain and enhance post-exercise recovery.
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Yoli Blastcap Athletes

The Yoli Blastcap Athlete Team is proud to have Bryan Clay on their Team. This Gold Medal Athlete knows that all natural nutrition is essential to peak performance!
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Kids Turn Out for Clinic with Clay

Scores of kids turned out today in Manoa for a clinic with Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay. The “Kidfit Klinic” tests the kids’ athleticism and helps improve their knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition. Read more »


Bryan Clay’s Surprise Visit

Kamehameha seniors cut class yesterday, but that’s because it was their community service day. 450 students and their homeroom teachers volunteered at 12 different sites across Oahu. Read more »


Bryan Clay Holds FREE Clinic

Oympic gold medalist Bryan Clay will offer a free fitness clinic for boys and girls 7-18 years old Saturday at the University of Hawai’i Clarence T. Ching Athletics Complex. Read more »


Bryan Clay Chooses Yoli

Bryan Clay endorses Yoli for sports drinks.  Yoli’s winning formula of energy drinks and their delivery method with blast cap technology was too great to pass up.
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10 Best Places to Work Out

From the ultimate courts for street ball to a sandy muscle-making beach, here’s your guide to the greatest training spots in America picked by top athletes and elite coaches. Read more »