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Bryan in the ESPN Magazine Special

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Watch this interview of Bryan as he talks about his diet, the decathlon, and much more.
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An Example of Excellence

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Gold medals are not made of gold, they are made out of unmitigated desire, determination, and the will to win.
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Bryan’s Interview on Sidewalks

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Born in Austin, Texas, Bryan Clay is an American decathlete.
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Bryan on ABC Morning News

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Decathlete Bryan Clay talks nutrition, exercise, and what it’s like to win gold.
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Kidfest with Bryan Clay

Olympic Gold Medalist Bryan Clay joined Sunrise Friday morning to talk about his weekend plans. Check how you can hang out with him this Saturday and Sunday. Read more »


Kids Turn Out for Clinic with Clay

Scores of kids turned out today in Manoa for a clinic with Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay. The “Kidfit Klinic” tests the kids’ athleticism and helps improve their knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition. Read more »


Bryan Clay’s Surprise Visit

Kamehameha seniors cut class yesterday, but that’s because it was their community service day. 450 students and their homeroom teachers volunteered at 12 different sites across Oahu. Read more »


Statehood Commemoration Conference

It’s been 50 years since Hawaii became the 50th state and this year admissions day will be celebrated with a full day of activities, discussions and entertainment and you’re invited to attend. Read more »


A Cross Training Approach

Olympic gold medal decathlete Bryan Clay discusses getting involved with multiple sports at an early age and how it benefited his athletic performance. Read more »


Clay on the Radio

Bryan Clay, The World’s Greatest Athlete, appeared on KLOS-FM’s “Mark and Brian Show”, Southern California’s Classic Rock station on Thursday, July 16th… Read more »