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Tue, Feb 19th 2008, 12:00

Past Q & A

What are your hobbies beyond training and competing? (from Leigh)

I really enjoy spending time with my wife and kids. I look forward to every second I get with them. Besides that, I enjoy fishing, hunting, swimming, and movies.

How does it feel to be called “the world’s greatest athlete”? (from Salomon)

It feels great! There are not a lot of sports where you can honestly call an athlete the best in the world. I’m just glad that I am in a sport that can make that claim.

How does your faith play a role in your personal and professional lives?

My faith plays a role in my personal and professional life because it is where I find my way. It helps guide me on and off the track. When I concentrate on strengthening my faith everything in life just seems to have meaning and purpose.

How do you balance so training for so many events? Are there some that come naturally and others that require extra training? (from Jake)

The balance between events is a very difficult one. You have to look at the decathlon as one event, not ten individual events. Also you have to find the common threads between each event. That way as you work on one event you are also working on the rest.

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


miguel gonzalez garcia | on 10/3/08

hi! my name is miguel i´my from spain, i was watching you in indoor world championship in Valencia.
first of all ,congratulations!!! really what i want to know is how are you when you were 20 years old…tall,high, and times on 100,long jump,shot put…..decathlon.
thanks for your time.i´ll be waiting your answer bye bryan

Jason Samuelian | on 22/2/08

Really sorry to hear about the injury! We are really rooting for you buddy, all the way from Lesotho. Hope that you heal well. The kid is getting so big. Take care and get some rest.
Jason Samuelian

B.J. Parish | on 22/2/08

what are some of your on and off track training p.r.’s.
30 meters
standing long jump
back over head
things like that also it would be cool to know your weight room p.r.’s