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Sat, Mar 8th 2008, 11:47

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3/07/2008 – Valencia, Spain

Hey everyone! It’s the day before I start the Hep. here at the World Champ’s here in Valencia. I’m just sitting in my hotel room, watching results online from the meet. As I sit here at the hotel waiting for the Hep. to go off tomorrow my mind has been wandering from place to place. What sticks out most are the recent highs and lows of the last few weeks. It all started about six weeks ago (2/1/2008) when I was warming up for the Hep. in Boise, Idaho. I injured my hamstring while doing a stride 10 minutes before the start of the competition. At that point in time I had not yet qualified for World Indoor Championships, and now with an injured hamstring I just knew my indoor season was over. Hoping that my hamstring would heal enough to compete before the championship qualifying deadline of 02/17/2008, I rested for two weeks and did almost no training. The weekend of 2/15/2008 I traveled to Ames, Iowa to attempt a Hep. at the ISU Classic. I knew that if I could just get through the meet without pain I would have the score I needed to qualify. Everything went well that weekend and I scored 6,192 while also producing three indoor P.B.’s (SP-15.91m/60mh-7.74sec/PV-5.15m). That mark of 6,192 was the currently the leading score in the world, however the meet in Ames was held on a 300m track rather that an IAAF approved 200m track. As a result of the oversized track the IAAF would not accept my mark, which was now (a day later) the third best score in the world, due to another competition in Europe going on simultaneously. After the ISU Classic I went home with little probability that I would be able to compete in Valencia. To make matters worse, two days after the ISU classic I got sick with the flu which lasted for a week and a half and as a result I lost twelve pounds and my training suffered for the third week in a row. While all this was going on “the best manager in the world” Paul Doyle was in the process of appealing the IAAF’s decision to accept my score. After about a week of e-mails and phone calls, as well as the unfortunate drop out of the 2007 indoor champion, the IAAF finally ratified my score and extended me an invitation to compete in Valencia. With less than two weeks before the World Indoor Championships I thought my hopes of competing were doomed for a second time because of my illness. However, I feel much better now and the last week and a half of training has been great and I am confident that I will produce great results during the competition.

As if the weeks leading up to the meet were not enough to deal with, the actual trip out here to Valencia was no easy experience either. From getting to LAX, checking in, and being told that my poles would go only as far as Paris, to then being grabbed at the gate and told that my pole’s would not be put on the flight, to then being told I would not be allowed to board the plane since my pole’s were not going to be allowed on the plane (new security measures don’t allow travelers to leave bags behind at the airport), to then missing my flight and going back home for the night, to rescheduling my flight in the morning and flying out that night. Let’s just say that I’ve had better trips in my track & field career!

Now that my poles and I are here and settled in Valencia, the past few days have been the most relaxing and stress-free of the past month. As I am sitting here in my room with lots of time to reflect on the past few weeks I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratefulness for being blessed to have an opportunity to compete at the World Championships. If you had asked me nine days ago if I would be doing World Indoor Championships I would have said I had no idea. But now that I am here in Valencia I am feeling better and more than ready to go. I am confident I can go out and put up a great mark. With that being said, I plan to go out and have fun with the opportunity that I have been blessed with. After all it’s when you’re having fun and relaxed that you allow yourself to be at your best!

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Ronymnflopelm | on 7/4/08

Hello. Let’s get acquainted!
My name is Jessika.

AUNTIE ROSE | on 27/3/08

And A great job you did! Bryan we are so proud of you words cannot express. You were born blessed, and will continue to be blessed.
We will meet you in Oregon if we can get those event tickets, please pray that will happen.

Love You!

Bryan Clay | on 18/3/08

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thank you for all your support. It is so much fun being able log on to my site after a big meet and see all of your encouraging words. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the upcoming outdoor season. If you have been following me the past few years, you would know that the last time I scored this well in the heptathlon was in 2004. I then went on to score 8820pts in the decathlon and take the silver medal in the Olympics. I expect even better this year.
I started my training for the outdoor season yesterday, and it was tuff. However, I am confident that with a few weeks of training under my belt I will be ready to do great things! Be looking for a few results in about four weeks. Thats when I think I will start competing again.
Again, I want to thank you all for your support. There is no way I could get through each day without the support of my family, friends, and fans.

dec fan | on 12/3/08

Great job in Valencia!! I was really hoping for a new world record. You were so close, you’ll get it next time! Keep up the good work! Love the new website!

Moke Young | on 10/3/08


Congratulations on your Victory!

I am from Kaneohe, attended Castle High School and lived directly behind the football field. I am excited to know of your achievements and especially since we had one track star like you that had promise; his name is Kurt Mench.

My daughter Tatianna Piilani Young is a promising young track competitor for the William Floyd HS Colonials as a sophomore and shows promise. Tati is a Sprinter who won one event last year against upper class women with raw talent alone and she could use some pointers.

I am wondering if you could provide her with some insight for improvement and perhaps information concering self training?

Mahalo in advance.

Good luck on your future events and we will be cheering for you!

We’ve been blessed in Hawaii toi have so many positive role models such as yourself and hope that you bring home Olympic Gold the way Duke Kahanamoku did. It’s been a longtime coming.

Congrats on your Silver Medal!!

The Great Jim Thorpe was a good friend of Duke Kahanamoku. Duke once asked Jim Thorpe why he did’nt enter any water events and Jim said that “I saved all of the water events for you!”

Goodluck Brah!

With Aloha,

Moke Young
[email protected]

[email protected] | on 10/3/08

Hi Bryan!
Congratulations for the gold medal on the Hep!! And thanks for the picture I took with you yesterday! I don’t know if your team is staying for some days in Valencia, but I hope you have time enough for visiting Valencia and of course to enjoy the Fallas! (if you have time and you haven’t gone yet… I recommend the Mascletá at 14:00 at Plaza del Ayuntamiento, it’s so amazing!!)
Best wishes for you!


BIG FAN | on 10/3/08

Super job in Spain. You are proving to the world that you are the very best there is. Your combination of speed, strenght, power and endurance truly makes you the Worlds Greatest Athlete. Everyone needs to know this.
Keep up the good work and we can not wait to see your decathlons this summer.

Dr. David Bolton | on 9/3/08

Congratulations Brian!!!! I wish I could have seen it live. Talk soon, Dave Bolton

Enter your name...Dr Julian Kennedy | on 9/3/08

Enter your comment…Well done in Valencia-I look forward to seeing the video (was working while it was on TV). Trust you will break Dan O’Brien’s record and Sebrle’s some day soon.

Claudia | on 9/3/08

Hello Bryan!
I am from Valencia, i was working on the acreditation center the day you got your acreditation (I gave it to you :) ). I just wanted to wish you luck!! I hope everything goes perfect here in Valencia. As far as I could see yesterday you’re going great on the Hep. I hope there is no more problems on your trip to our city and I hope you enjoy your staying here. Good Luck for today!! See you at the Stadium!!
Best wishes, Claudia

Michele Vandenburg | on 8/3/08