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Mon, Mar 24th 2008, 17:29

Bryan answers questions from fans

Q: Hallo Bryan, Are you going to Götzis this year in may?

A: I have not planned out my outdoor competitions yet. However Gotzis is my favorite decathlon in the world. if I feel that Gotzis will not jepordize the USA Olympic Trials I will be there for sure.

Q: Ji i´m miguel from spain i have only 1 question. how tall are you? and when did you start to do decatlon? thanks

A: Miguel, I am 182cm and 80kg.

Q: Who do you pattern your ST, DT, and JT throwing technique after?

A: I do not pattern my SP technique after anyone right now because there are not many gliders out there to study. As for disc. I dont do anything special, I just use common technique and for the jav i try to throw like my coach Mike Barnett who was 7th at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games in the Jav. Hope that answers your questions.

Q: what are some areas you feel you need to improve on and what are some things you were satisfied with at word indoors?

A: I think that I could improve in many of the events indoors. My 60m time should have been faster, my SP was good but technique was a little off, LJ was ok but not near my personal best, and HJ was good but I know I can jump 2m15cm. As for the second day, 60h was ok, but I have run 7.74 this year in another heptathlon. The pole vault was good but I have been jumping much higher in practice and also have jumped 5m15cm this year in a heptathlon, and the 1000m should have been 8sec faster. I really think that I can score 6500pts!

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Will Byrd | on 25/3/08

I was wondering what you focused on in your lifts. Basically, what are your typical lifting workouts throughout the week.