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Wed, Apr 9th 2008, 12:11

Bryan answers Questions from fans

Q: Kaneohe is so very proud of you! Do you have t-shirts to support your foundation and show our support for you?

A: Sorry not right now, but if you keep checking back i will post something when we do. Thanks for the support!

Q: How do you do it?? You’re soo good!

A: Thank you. I have lots of people praying for me.

Q: How stiff and length pole are you jumping on?

A: I am only running from 12 steps so I am on a 4.90m 15.3 flex. I will be moving back to 14 steps and 5m pole in a few weeks.

Q: Bryan whats up. Gray Horn here.. I just signed a scholarship with florida as a decathlete. Rana recruited me. right now your about to wake up for day 2 of the world championships and your winning. hope we hook up next year in gainsville! -Gray Horn

A: Gray, I am sure I will be seeing you in Gainsville at some point next year. Hope your season goes well! Thanks for all your support.

Q: You are so good in the sport of track and field. You are considered one of the greatest athletes in the world. Do you feel you can compete at any sport at a high level?

A: Yes I do feel if given the time to learn another sport I could do very well at a lot of them. However there are some sports that I know I shouldnt even try.

Q: what kind of confidence does this give you knowing its an Olympic year and also knowing hat most of the field at this meet will be at the Olympics?

A: The only thing that this meet has done is give me confidence that I am doing the right training. As for the rest of the year I cant afford to count out any of the guys I competed against this world indoors. They are all tough competitors and I know they are going to come out even better next time.

Q: Bryan how is your hamstring? I hope you can stay health and score 9000 and get a gold.

A: Thank you for your concern, everything is going great here. Cant wait to start competing!

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Justin Schneider | on 26/4/08

Bryan Clay,

I just started running the Decathlon this year for Notre Dame and was curious to know a little about your training regimen. How do you divide up training for sprints, jumps, and throws, and after all the work on those events do you still find time to work on the 1500m? I am just curious to know what top decathletes are doing to improve. Thanks!


Justin Schneider

Good luck at the trials!

Danny Jones | on 15/4/08

Hey Bryan, you ever miss those old Kaliua Track days? Read your article in Vogue, I think you should’ve been on the cover! All us Kalaheo boys are proud of you man, great job at indoors this year. We’ll be chearing for you this summer - Danny

Mathilde | on 15/4/08

Bryan, what is your position concerning the human rights situation in Beijing? Do you think the athletes should do something to speak their mind? Thanks and good luck for the season to come!

David | on 9/4/08

Were you always good at the Dec? I am a freshman, the dec is very hard and it’s really taking a toll on my body. I keep using you as an inspiration, were the same height and weight. HAHA our team even went to Point Loma and competed against them, I hear RIVALS?? But being in a D3 I just wanna make nationals!! I know never give up, but seriously is the dec just natural?? i gave up swimming for this sport and I was a much better swimmer, but that was’nt where my heart was… It was in track and the dec. I have been bustin my butt nationals is far away being a freshaman but I can only pray!! If yah have time to reply that would be great!!! Means a lot, I hope to make it out to see you in trials!!!!