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Mon, May 5th 2008, 11:52

Bryan answers questions from fans

Q: Bryan how is your hamstring? I hope you can stay health and score 9000 and get a gold.

A: Thank you for your concern, everything is going great here. Cant wait to start competing!

Q: Was your wife just a little jealous about your recent VOGUE magazine photo shoot?

A: Nope, I don’t think she was jealous. I actually had her come with me so that I would have someone to hang out with.

Q: What is your race?

A: I am half African American and half Japanese.

Q: At what point in your career did you realize you can compete at an Olympic level?

A: I think that it was a gradual realization. Every year I competed I got a little better and a little more confidant. I actually believed I could compete at an Olympic level when I made the Olympic team.

Q: What is the pole made out of in the pole vault?

A: It is made out of fiberglass.

Q:congatulations ! what kind of endurance training do you do, and what is your max benchpress?

A: Thank you. I have been doing timed long runs every morning before weights and interval running on saturdays. My max bench press is 355lbs.

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Daniel Redifer | on 6/5/08

Bryan, what kind of plyos do you mainly focus on? Do you do several different plyo exercises with supersets for them, or do you give yourself full recovery before completeing the next plyo? I’d also like to ask you of your opinion on a situation of mine, I was training for the decat at ULL and due to misguidedness of scholastic eligiblity, i had to stop. I was wondering if i should begin training again to compete unattached at a few meets. I’m 22, and it’s been almost a year since i’ve done explosive training like that, but i have been competing in triathlons. What advice would you be able to give me, if any?

Cindy | on 5/5/08

Bryan: I’m working on a Vacation Bible School program for our church and would like to tell the kids more about you. How old were you when you were saved? What is your favorite Bible verse? If you could tell kids at a VBS program something, what would it be? I’ve read your web site and see that prayer is a big part of your life. Yea. :) Thanks and PRESS ON!