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Tue, May 20th 2008, 12:40

Bryan answers questions from fans

Q: What were your PRs in High School and what has been your progression from High School to where you are now? Good luck this summer.

A: High school: 100m-10.51, 200m-21.40, 110mh-13.90, LJ-24’6”, HJ-2.00m. Each year in college I had small increases but nothing drastic. I more just got consistant at putting those marks together in a Decathlon.

Q: Bryan I have been reading alot about sleep and the circadium rhythm, What time to you go to bed and wake up everyday?

A: I am in bed no later than 10:00pm and I am up at 6:00am.

Q: Im a decathlete and its my second year of doing it. right now my score is 68-7000. I was wonderin if it took you a couple of years to get good at the decathlon or if it just came natural to you? do you have any advice for me for my training?

A: Yes, it took me a about three year of CONSISTENT training before I got over the 8000pts barrier. As for your training it would be hard to give any advice without looking over your current training plan.

Q: What events did you do in high school and stuff to get you into the decathlon?

A: I ran the 100m, 200m, 110mh, LJ, TJ, HJ, 4×100, 4×400

Q: In an interview you told us that you usually start your day off with a lifting session before you go out to the track and train.. Does that fatigue your body before your long day of training…Thanks! -Treshan

A: Yes, I am sure that my body gets a little fatigue but after a few weeks you get used to it.

Q: Is one of your goals to set the world record?

A: OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Hey Bryan, I just had my first Decathlon last week, and didn’t perform nearly as well as I know I could have. How did you do at your first decathlon, what was your impression of the event, and how do you stay so focused?

A: My first decathlon was not very good. I didnt do nearly as good as I knew I could have. I just had fun and kept trying to get better.

Q: What type of lifts do you perform to increase strength and endurance?

A: I do many different lifts. Everything from olympic lifts to medicine ball. We also do a lot of plyos.

Q: When do you think you will retire?

A: When I am no longer having fun.

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Cheesecake, James | on 27/5/08

Bryan Clay will you marry me… Ha ha

Billy Pacheco | on 26/5/08

Hows it going Bryan,
Im going into my senior year now in high-school and was looking at some colleges. I was very interested in attending APU; how did you like APU?
And how is the coaching staff in track and field over there?
I met up with Akoni Clubb and he was telling me that you know a lot about the dec and was willing to give a few pointers…. are you going to hold any camps or clinics in Hawaii… it would be real nice to train with some one who really knows what they are talking about.