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Mon, Jun 2nd 2008, 18:00

Q & A with Bryan

Q: What is your diet during the decathalon events? What do you eat after Day 1?

A: I usually try to snack throughout the day on fruit, energy bars, and lots of fluids. After day 1 I try to eat some protein and some carbs, like chicken and pasta. I also drink protein shakes.

Q: What is the name of your coach?

A: Kevin Reid, Mike Barnett, Paul Doyle, Rana Reider.

Q: Aloha, Do you have plans for a track clinic in Honolulu anytime before of after the Olympics?

A: Yes, I don’t know a date yet. Most likely it will be sometime next October.

Q: Hey Bryan! I have no doubt you’ll kill it at the Olympics! It’s Trygg (Matt Tryggestad) here. My question is…will we ever battle in HALO again???

A: Sure…just let me know when and where!

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Lasse Ohtamaa | on 4/6/08

Hello Bryan! My name is Lasse Ohtamaa and I’m from Sweden. I’m interrested in especially your training for the throws. I’ve followed your career and seen you go from a quite week or average thrower to a huge deca-thrower. What is the biggest major changes in your training you have done to make it happen? How many throws/reps do you do per session in for example discus. Do you use differnet weights on the implements or just the competition weights? My pb is 7056 in deca and my throws (15.23/45.45/61.30) could really need a boost since I’m a really weak pole vaulter :P