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Wed, Jul 2nd 2008, 12:54

Past Q and A with Bryan

Q: Bryan good luck in Beijing. What is your family origin?

A: Thank you! My mom is Japanese and my dad is African American.

Q: How many can the US take to participate in the decathlon in Beijing?

A: 3

Q: Are you single?

A: Nope, I am very happily married and have 2 children!

Q: Bryan, Do you know the dates you’ll be competing in Beijing? I’ll be there at a couple other events, but can’t seem to find any information on the decathlon. Do you know a website that gives more accurate scheduling information? ~David, APU ’02.

A: I think I compete on the 21st and 22nd of August but I am not positive. I know there is a website, but I am not too sure what it is, sorry!

Q: Hi Bryan, My name is Ian Ortiz from Azusa I was one of your wifes students at Paramount School. How is Mrs.Clay and the baby? Do you remember me? Good luck in Bejing, I will be cheering for you. Ian.

A: Hi! I do remember you, and Mrs. Clay does too!! She says “hello!” Thanks so much for writing. Mrs. Clay and the babies (we have 2 now) are great! Thanks for your support!!

Q: hello, i am a track athlete and i find it difficult to stay motivated during the summer to keep training. i was wondering what you do to keep working hard during the off season.

A: I definitely find it hard during the off season as well. I find that it always helps if I have a friend to train with. Other than that, I just have to force myself everyday to go out there and give it my best!

Q: GOOD LUCK in Beijing!! beat Roman Sebrle and take home the GOLD!! You deserve it! Take every opportunity to change the world!

A: Thanks!

Q: My son is half American, half Korean. A very energetic combination! He’s turning 5, does Martial Arts, but loves everything you do and Lord help me, tries to do them all! My question is, at what age did you start sports?

A: I was always very active as a kid, playing basketball with friends, surfing, swimming, running around the neighborhood, etc. I started organized sports when I was in 6th grade.

Q: Hey Bryan, What’s your dog’s name?

A: Duke, we named him after Duke Kahanamoku, the first Olympic medalist from Hawaii.

Q: Hello Bryan, I have a pretty devoted exercise and diet regimen. I was wondering what type of special diet you have while your training and when your not?

A: Well, I really don’t have a special diet. I just try to make sure that I am getting enough calories each day because i burn so many! My wife always makes sure that I am getting a pretty balanced diet of protein, carbs, 4 food groups, etc.

Q: hi brian as a fellow athlete i was wondering what is a good meal to eat before a track event

A: I usually try to eat some pasta and some protein. Something like pasta with chicken is good. Other than that, I also try to keep it fairly healthy and avoid things like soda right before a meet.

Q: Hey Bryan- Who’s your favorite Christian musician and why? Any favorite songs?

A: I don’t know if I really have a favorite. I listen to a lot of everything! Right now I really like the song Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns. I think it has a great message and I kind of can relate to what it says.

Q: how many injuries did you had in all of your whole career?

A: Too many to count!! I have broken a rib, had knee surgery, shoulder injuries, elbow problems, pulled hamstrings…the list could go on and on!

Q: Hey Bryan do you still keep in touch with your high school coach Martin Hee? He is still at CHS helping the student athletes in any way he can.

A: Yes, I do keep in touch with Coach Hee. I talk with him on the phone once in a while and I get together with him and his family everytime I go back to Hawaii.

Q: How do you deal with all the publicity and the media world that enjoys invading people’s privacy? :-)

A: Well, since I am only a track & field athlete, it is really not that bad. I have the occasional interview or appearance, but nothing too invading. Right now it is actually pretty fun!

Q: Hey Bryan, what has your experience been like being part African American and part Japanese?

A: You run into the occasional problem here and there, but rarely do I feel that a problem is a result of my race. I’ve really enjoyed getting to be a part of two different cultures and I am proud to be part of both. I feel that it helped to make me who I am.

Q: i didn’t get a response to my wanting you to encourage my son who will be attending azusa this fall he is from hawaii and needs a little boost from a local from hawaii who has made a name for hawaii.

A: I am not trying to be rude or put you off, but I must require that all requests such as this need to be sent to my manager Paul Doyle at


A: The first sport that I ever did competitively was track. Other than that I played basketball, surfed, and did other sports with friends just for fun.

Q: what was your decathlon pr in your last year at college?

A: My last year in college I think I scored 8465 ( or something close to that).

Q: Blessings Bryan, It’s always a joy to hear of your success and giving glory to God. Praying for you as you realize your dream with hard work and dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ. In HIS Aloha, Kathy Burt CHS

A: Thank you!

Q: what did you do as a teenager to get so good. like around age 15.

A: I competed in track and cross country. In track I tried lots of different events. I also did summer track through a club. Basically, I was always active with something.

Q: Hello, i am doing a christian ED oral on you and i was just wondering if you have any brothers or sisters? and what truly made you become a christian?

A: I have one younger brother. I really began my walk with Christ when I was in college when I realized that I my life was heading in the opposite direction of what I really wanted. I decided I needed to make a change and I turned to God.

Q: Bryan, I watched you at the NAIA indoor champs get after the 1,000m in the pentathlon. Are you ready to line up in the 1,500m and win the Gold? Good Luck! Can’t Wait for the trials and the Olympics!

A: I think I’m ready! Training is going really well. Thanks for the support!

Q: Hey Bryan, I host a kids track and field camp for about 400 kids between the ages of 6-12.. Would you be available to come and share your story at the camp? Rob Craig

A: In regards to any appearances or speaking engagements, I have to refer people to my manager: Paul Doyle at

Q: What year did you graduate high school and what school did you graduate from?

A: I graduated from Castle High School in Kaneohe, Hawaii in 1998.

Q: Hey Bryan, This is Jack Nance. You don’t have to worry about Dave and I coming out of retirment. I hurt just thinking about it. Praying God blesses you as you prepare for the US Champs and Beijing. Is there anything specific we can pray for as you train?

A: Thanks Jack! I can always use more prayer! Specifically for me to stay healthy and to stay focused, mentally and spiritually.

Q: what is your favorite type of music?

A: I don’t really have a specific type that is my favorite. I listen to pretty much everything! From country to jazz, and Christian to hip-hop, I like it all.

Q: Aloha Bryan, Since I may not see you before you got to the Olympics, I hope you win the gold. Maybe one day we can sit and chat. Your longtime friend, Kelsey Nakanelua

A: Thanks!

Q: How much time a day do you devote to practice?

A: I lift weights 5 days a week for about 2 hours a day. I spend about 5 hours a day out at the track.

Q: Aloha, Do you have plans for a track clinic in Honolulu anytime before of after the Olympics?

A: Yes, I don’t know a date yet. Most likely it will be sometime next October.

Q: How much water do you drink over the two day course of the Decathalon?

A: I don’t really keep track of how much water I drink. I just try to drink as much as possible.

Q: What is your diet during the decathalon events? What do you eat after Day 1?

A: I usually try to snack throughout the day on fruit, energy bars, and lots of fluids. After day 1 I try to eat some protein and some carbs, like chicken and pasta. I also drink protein shakes.

Q: What is the name of your coach?

A: Kevin Reid, Mike Barnett, Paul Doyle, Rana Reider

Q: Hey Bryan! I have no doubt you’ll kill it at the Olympics! It’s Trygg (Matt Tryggestad) here. My question is…will we ever battle in HALO again???

A: Sure…just let me know when and where!

Q: What is your schedule for this season?

A: I will be doing some smaller meets leading up to the Olympic Trials in June. I am not going to do any full decathlons untill the Trials. Then from there I will just be training for the Olympics and maybe do a few small meets.

Q: Bryan, exactly how tall are you and how much do you way? my name is Daniel Redifer

A: I am 5 feet 11 inches and I weigh about 185lbs. (it varies depending on the time of year).

Q: Bryan: What’s your favorite Bible verse? And if you could tell a VBS (Vacation Bible School) group of kids something, what would it be?

A: I don’t know if I have a favorite verse, but one that really helps me is Isaiah 40:28-31. One thing I usually talk to kids about is the importance of making good, wise decisions. I also share with them how important my faith and belief in God is in my life. I let them know that I would not be where I am without Him.

Q: hey bryan did you break 7000 in your first decathlon in college?

A: I don’t remember the score of my first collegiate dec. I do know that by the end of my freshmen year I had scored over 7300 pts.

Q: Hey Bryan, Are you concerned about the security and safety of athletes and fans during the games, with regards to the current issues?

A: No.

Q: Hey Bryan you are my hero I will be competing in the decatholon at Utah Valley University next year and I was wondering what religion you are?

A: I am a Christian and I attened a non-denominational church.

Q: What type of lifts do you perform to increase strength and endurance?

A: I do many different lifts. Everything from olympic lifts to medicine ball. We also do a lot of plyos.

Q: Hey Bryan, wasup. This is Mark Williams. I’m not sure if you remember me but we ran track together at APU for a couple of years. Just wanted to say Hi and good luck in the upcoming olympics. You are an inspiration to a lot of people. God Bless.

A: Thanks!

Q: Hey Bryan, I just had my first Decathlon last week, and didn’t perform nearly as well as I know I could have. How did you do at your first decathlon, what was your impression of the event, and how do you stay so focused?

A: My first decathlon was not very good. I didnt do nearly as good as I knew I could have. I just had fun and kept trying to get better.

Q: In an interview you told us that you usually start your day off with a lifting session before you go out to the track and train.. Does that fatigue your body before your long day of training…Thanks! -Treshan

A: Yes, I am sure that my body gets a little fatigue but after a few weeks you get used to it.

Q: Hey Bryan, I was curious as to what kind of running workouts you do? And at what intensity?

A: It really depends on the time of year. We try and stay in touch with speed and endurance every week.

Q: Im a decathlete and its my second year of doing it. right now my score is 68-7000. I was wonderin if it took you a couple of years to get good at the decathlon or if it just came natural to you? do you have any advice for me for my training?

A: Yes, it took me a about three year of CONSISTANT training before I got over the 8000pts barrier. As for your training it would be hard to give any advice without looking over your current training plan.

Q: Hi, I’m a decathlete from the UK, I was wondering what your diet consists of and what you lift in the gym. Thanks

A: My diet consists of a lot of protein shakes and recovery drinks but when I am not throwing down that kind of stuff my wife usually cooks for me. I eat a very light breakfast, maybe a few eggs with a couple pieces of sausage or a bowl of oatmeal. Lunch is usually a sandwich and some fruit, and dinner is usually some sort of vegetables, meat, starch (rice or potatoes), and a little more fruit. Don’t get me wrong though, I do a lot of snacking in between all that and it probably isn’t the healthiest foods.

Q: I am a high school student-athlete and aiming for the decathalon which is the last meet of the season. How do you manage to juggle all the events? Should I be dedicating one day to each event? Or what?

A: Well, we tackle approx. three events a day. However, I have found that there is a connection between good running technique and all the other skill events. If you can make parallels between your events you can actually be improving on more than one event at a time.

Q: At what point in your career did you realize you can compete at an Olympic level?

A: I think that it was a gradual realization. Every year I competed I got a little better and a little more confidant. I actually believed I could compete at an Olympic level when I made the Olympic team.

Q: Hi, I am a journalist from Estonia. I just want to make an interview with you. By mail or by phone. Is it possible? Märt Roosna (Eesti Päevaleht) [email protected]

A: Mart, I would love to do an interview. Please contact Paul Doyle at to set up a time. Thanks

Q: Who do you pattern your ST, DT, and JT throwing technique after?

A: I do not pattern my SP technique after anyone right now because there are not many gliders out there to study. As for disc. I dont do anything special, I just use common technique and for the jav i try to throw like my coach Mike Barnett who was 7th at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games in the Jav. Hope that answers your questions.

Q: Bryan whats up. Gray Horn here.. I just signed a scholarship with florida as a decathlete. Rana recruited me. right now your about to wake up for day 2 of the world championships and your winning. hope we hook up next year in gainsville! -Gray Horn

A: Gray, I am sure I will be seeing you in Gainsville at some point next year. Hope your season goes well! Thanks for all your support.

Q: Kaneohe is so very proud of you! Do you have t-shirts to support your foundation and show our support for you?

A: Sorry not right now, but if you keep checking back i will post something when we do. Thanks for the support!

Q: what kind of confidence does this give you knowing its an Olympic year and also knowing hat most of the field at this meet will be at the Olympics?

A: The only thing that this meet has done is give me confidence that I am doing the right training. As for the rest of the year I cant afford to count out any of the guys I competed against this world indoors. They are all tuff competitors and I know they are going to come out even better next time.

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