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Mon, Aug 11th 2008, 11:00

Bryan answers questions from fans

Q: Hey Bryan, its Nadine back home in Hawaii… Not really a question, but wanted to say we missed you at the high school class reunion… we are all behind you and wish you the best of luck.. Go for GOLD Bryan, you deserve it!!!

A: Thanks!! I wish I could have been there! Maybe I’ll see you all at the 15 or 20 yr. reunion!

Q: Bryan. Do you feel that you have the power to jump seven feet in the high jump in Beijing?

A: Yes.

Q: What kind of workout do you have to get your body into shape to perform so well in so many athletic fields?

A: Lots of running, lots of drills, lots of weight lifting. It is not any one in particular workout. It is the combination of many.

Q: Hey Bryan! I’m a huge fan of yours and ill be praying that you’ll finish strong this year in Beijing. My question is, was it hard for you in college to be a full time athlete and a student, did it ever become too difficult? Your fan, Kevin

A: Yes, it was hard. I had to constantly remind myself to keep my priorities in order. I was not able to do a lot of extra stuff in college, I had to manage my time well.

Q: Bryan, What’s going on my man? What is your most challenging event and why? Do you prepare differently for it than the other events?

A: My most challenging event is the 1500m, mostly because I am not built to be a distance runner. I am more of a speed and power guy so the longer distance stuff is hard for me. I prepare for it the same way I prepare for all the other events.

Q: How did Bryan get in to doing the Olympics?

A: Getting to the Olympics has been a goal of mine since I was a kid. I have worked really hard to make that dream a reality!

Q: Hey Bryan. It is Jason Moore from Doane College. All of the old NAIA decathletes are wishing you well in 2008. If you had to pick one experience or person in your life that inspires you to push yourself who or what would it be?

A: I would have to say my wife and kids inspire me!

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Spencer Chang, MD | on 20/8/08

Bryan, wish I could be there with you! Go get ‘em! All of Straub and HPH are behind you. I’m wearing your shirt tomorrow to work. Skyler and May say good luck too. Skyler gets so exited when she sees you on TV!!!

Keoki Liftee-Kau | on 20/8/08

Aloha Bryan! I heard you speaking with Keli’i Akina earlier this evening on YFC’s Radio Show. It was very encouraging to learn that you are a Christian. I’ve always admired the well-roundedness of the decathelete and was really praying hard for you simply because you were a local boy. Now that I know you follow Christ, I’m praying with even more confidence for you.

As far as running, how do you mix your distance training and your sprint training? Also, what kind of weight training do you do?

Be blessed in Beijing,
Keoki Liftee-Kau

Justin Neely | on 15/8/08

Hey Bryan I just wanted to say I admire you as a person and as a role model.

Joe Davis | on 12/8/08

Hey Bryan, it’s Joe Davis, we went to APU together back in the day. I just wanted to drop you a quick line of encouragement for the upcoming events. I was deployed for the 2004 Olympics and rooted for you from Kosovo and this year I will be in Iraq for your showing. So, from all the guys I am serving with and myself, keep up the hard work and just know that people all over the globe are rooting for you! I always knew there was something about you….the hard work you were putting in while the rest of took in the “college” experience! Take care brother and I know you will represent our country the way it deserves!

Sean Robinson | on 11/8/08

Hey Bryan, i wanted to know what are some good supplements to take? For example (proteins,multivitamins and is glutamine substantial.

Sean Robinson | on 11/8/08

Hey Bryan, my name is Sean and i am a decathlete at a local college. I just wanted to ask you how do you do it…I myself am a christian and find it challenging sometimes to keep my faith and my track time separate. Im trying to acknowledge god while i compete is this good. Best of luck Bryan I am on the verge of 7000 this year i hope to see you in 2012. Your Biggest fan.