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Tue, Aug 12th 2008, 10:53

My Victory

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Amanda Williams(used to be Webb) | on 22/8/08

My dad just called to say you won the gold, U always knew you would be an olympian, even on graduation day you told me you would be in the next olympics.I am proud to say u were my friend back than and it is inspiring to see your tenacity and integrity. Congrats on every thing you have accomplished. The world needs more men with your heart and integrity.

Kathryn Greene | on 15/8/08

I’m going to share your story with 120+ kids at a Christian camp this upcoming week. Thanks for your integrity and for sharing openly about following Christ. It’s encouraging for them to see people who have said “yes” and how it’s led your life! I hope you win a gold!

kevin lazas | on 14/8/08

I also train for the decatlon year around and My coach actually won the olympic trials for the decathlon. His name is Gary Kinder. He got hurt though and didnt get to compete at the olympics. It was like the 1986 games. I just wanted to see if you new who he was.

kevin lazas | on 14/8/08

hey this is kevin lazas i was just gonna say good luck at the olympics. I have been a big fan of u for a long time. I also do the decathlon. I am 16 and i won national for the decathlon this year for my age group. I just wanted to let u know that i will be praying for you wile you are at the olympics this week