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Tue, Aug 19th 2008, 14:57

Bryan answers questions from fans

Q: Bryan, best of luck, all the Hapa Kepanis peeps worldwide are pulling for you. My query is how much of an Asian influence did your mom bring to your family, e.g. did you eat a lot of Japanese food and/or get exposed to Japanese culture?

A: Japanese culture and food were a huge part of my life growing up. My mother made sure I knew who I was and where I came from.

Q: Bryan, why did you choose Azusa Pacific an NAIA school over a NCAA Division I School? Azusa Pacific has an excellent reputation in the decathlon. Most people don’t realize some of our countries greatest decathletes have come out of the NAIA. GO FOR GOLD!

A: I chose APU because I felt it was the best combiation of academics, athletics, and atmosphere. All that stuff together has allowed me to be successful.

Q: Brian, what’s your typical Ipod playlist? I want to know what you listen to to motivate you when you are competing.

A: I usually have a mix of christian, country, r&b;, and techno.

Q: Hi Bryan,THis is Marilyn from txas, Your Grandma Shirley sister. Do you have any equipment at home to work out? My sons an i are praying for you to win the gold.

A: Thank you for your prayers. No I dont have workout equipment at home. I try to not bring work home with me ;)

Q: Hi! What is your standing long jump best? Could you reach the 800-820cm range in the long jump?

A: My best is 3m45cm. I have jumped 8m06cm already, but I think I can go further.

Q: I know you are a Castle grad…..what elementary school did you go to?

A: Went to Aliiolani Elem. and also Benjimin Parker Elem.

Q: Have you ever raced at the Drake Relays? We’d love to have you come!

A: I would love to come. Please contact Paul Doyle at Thanks.

Q: I remember when you first stepped foot on APU’s track. A lady had a blow horn for your grand entrance. Did you expect to make it this far with your career during that time?

A: It was always a dream to make it this far, but it became more of a reality each ear I got better.

Q: you’re awesome how does religion help you stay on track?

A: My faith is my strength. It allows me to deal with situations that seem impossible.

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Jason Haynes | on 25/8/08

Bryan, I competed against you at Fort Lauderdale, FLA in 1999 NAIA championships in the decathlon. I know what it takes to be a decathlete and you should be very, very proud. A lot of us prior decathletes could not get to your level but are living vicariously through you. I am very happy for you. Your represented not only the USA but a true “brotherhood” of competitors. Great job, and bring on the Wheaties Box, you deserve it!!!!
Jason H

Charlie Coenen | on 25/8/08

Congratulations Brian. I read about you before the Olympics but missed the decathlon on tv. Hope you will be at London 2012 and win again.
Aloha nui. Charlie Coenen, Honolulu Marathon Finisher 2002.

Dream Meng | on 25/8/08

Bryan is the best!! I wanna to APU!!!!!!

Victoria | on 24/8/08

Congratulations! Just competing in the Olympics seems like a dream to someone who hasn’t. To win gold, to be the best in the world at the most difficult of contests, the decathlon, must be glorious. You are awesome.

Enter your name... | on 24/8/08

You’ve done really well in Beijing and I hope I do great like you did in Track and Field this year.
What do you do to help you get where you wanna go?

Kristin | on 24/8/08

Bryan - I’m a 41 year old professional who never writes to strangers on web sites, never looks at celebrities or gossip news online. I’m not even writing Michael Phelps or Shawn Johnson, great athletes that they are. But I just had too google you and tell you that you made all of us Americans who were watching your meets really proud. I immediately thought you were Asian-African American and wanted to call my Vietnamese-African American cousin to be sure she had seen you. When they said Hawaiian, I thought maybe I was wrong. But then I heard you interviewing after your win and you had a kind of pride and security in who you are that I see in the best of black men (without any of the ridiculous cockiness some carry) and I thought again, he’s got to have an African American in his family. (Not that Japanese are not super proud too). So, your web site has answered that question and I just wanted to say as an African American that you did me and many others proud with your achievements and, more importantly, the way you handled yourself and the kind of person you displayed yourself to be on TV. I don’t eat Wheaties but I sure hope they put you on the box and I’ll buy it if they do. I hope you will always reach out to young African Americans in particular to show them how diverse we can be as a people, and what it takes and mean to truly be a great athlete. Best wishes to you!

Lori DEevers | on 24/8/08

I am a kids teacher at our church and we have been following you, we prayed the night before you competed, so glad to have some one like you to follow and watch. Thanks for living out your faith on the field

Rene` Stroud | on 24/8/08

Aloha and Congratulations from Big Island Keiki!

I teach 1st/2nd grade at Innovations Public Charter School on the Big Island. This year’s theme is Relationships. One of our emphasis for our families is to participate in “Talking Stories” program, where we invite “Guest Readers” to come into our classrooms and read their favorite children’s book. We would love for you to come and read and share about your Olympic Experience! We will be in contact with Doyle Management to see what would be possible.
Mahalo Nui Loa,
Rene` Stroud

Sheri Lundberg | on 24/8/08

Congratulations in the highest for your Gold Medal victory in China! The Decathlon IS the Olympics!

What goals do you have now that you have won the Olympic Decathlon ?

We are hoping all the best for you and know that you will surely break more records. Please take care and blessings to your family.

Dave Rothwell | on 24/8/08

What are you going to do when your career as a track athlete finishes? Are you going to coach at ASU? You know, a university is a great place to raise children.

A. Keith Robinson | on 24/8/08

Bryan, you are AWESOME!!!!!! And beautiful!!!!!

marcia | on 24/8/08

congratulations on your olympic success and for being a positive role model for youth worldwide.

Allen Ng | on 23/8/08

Congratulations, Bryan Clay!!! You make us proud here in Hawaii. Just watching you on TV whenever and watching your face during the competition showing the Glory and Spirit of our heavenly Father, it made me emotional. Just know that you are the Greatest All Around Athlete in the World: No. 1 of 5 billion!!!

Wheaties and General Mills: Are you listening? Brian Clay, Olympian Gold Medalist in Decathlon, World Greatest Athlete deserves to be on the Wheaties’ box. His face represent the face of America in the 21st Century; the dreams of the “little guys” achieving the Gold in a Big Man’s world. A “Little Guy” from Hawaii overcoming insurmountable odds to achieve what his competitor had thought “he is too small” to be a threat at the olympics.

God Bless You and your family, Bryan. Keep up the good work. Hope to see and meet you when you are back in Hawaii.

Allen Ng, Member and Competitor with Hawaii Masters Track & Field Club
Old Fart Sprinter & Olympian WannaBe

Julie | on 23/8/08

Brian, you rock man!! It was awesome knowing you in high school. Castle must be so proud. Congratulations!

Carley | on 23/8/08

Hey! I’ve been watching the olympics, and i saw the interview w/ ur litte boy i thought he was sooo.. cute! GO DINOSURES!!
(congradulations on GOLD)!!!!!!!!

David Sallee | on 23/8/08

It is refreshing to see an athlete with such integrity and love for Christ. Who were your bigest influences in your life?

kimthelin | on 23/8/08

We congratulate you on your amazing accomplishments and for being a wonderful representative of America. I also appreciate your family ties and you have a beautiful family. I qondered what religion you are? I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we have very strong family values.

linda koscielski | on 23/8/08

Well congradulations, we are all so excited for you. I worked with your wife at paramount school. The picutres in the paper looked great today, I am sure your family is so very happy and proud as you must be.


Baptista Family | on 23/8/08

We want to congratulate you and to let you know how proud we are of you. You are a great role model for our boys as they watch how HARD work pays off. Our prayers were with you and Sarah as well as the kids. We look forward to seeing you and to congratulate you in person. Your friends, Mike, Sharol, Bailey and Kasey

Larry Sharos | on 23/8/08

Bryan, Will you comment on your daily diet?

Thanks, Larry

Susan Gray | on 23/8/08

We are so proud of your amazing accomplishment. You are a role model because of your strong work ethic, your devotion to your family, and fror pursuing your passion. Congratulations Bryan! Aloha from Kauai.

Michelle Coleman | on 22/8/08

I am so proud of you! Congrats on all the hard work. God is great!! Have fun celebrating with your family and friends. You deserve it, your hard work has truly paid off.

Thomas | on 22/8/08

Congratulations. it’s long overdue!

Renata | on 22/8/08

Hi Bryan!It’s Renata from Athens.I just wanted to congratulate you for your gold medal!You are a great athlete and you definately deserved it!Wish you the best luck!!!

Jake Jerome | on 22/8/08

How has this Olympic experience changed/elevated your spiritual perspective? I am a fellow APU grad (played football 1996-2000). Thanks for representing APU, USA, and most of all,humanity. You’re a good role model and a good man.

Shandon Silva | on 22/8/08

Congrats brah, I know how much you have sacrifieced from the beginning. A lifelong dream has just become true. Proud of you and what you have accomplished through the years, call me when all dies down.

Silva San Out

Anthony Villella | on 22/8/08

Hi Bryan,

As an APU ’02 alum, I think I can speak for all of us when we say that we’re proud of you. Not just in the athletic forum, but your witness and testimony as a Christian! APU and the United States are proud. Nice work man!


Vanessa | on 22/8/08

Bryan, congratulations on winning the gold!!! Your hard work truly paid off. I just wanted to let you know that you’re such a cutie. :0) Are you involved with anyone right now?

Joe T. Jackson | on 22/8/08

Congradulaion Bryan on your Olympic’s Success!!!!

Simon de Regt | on 22/8/08

I saw u at the olympic games. You did very well. And now I am intrested how tall you are. And what is your favorite event at athletics.
I hope I see you at the next games!

Joe Young | on 21/8/08

Bryan, you seem to be a great representative for the USA. Congrats! Now that you’ve had some exposure to Chinese culture in its home base and to the people of China, could you give us some personal comments about how you see China, its people, and things Chinese? Thanks.