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Tue, Aug 19th 2008, 15:19

Bryan's Blog - One day away

Hi everyone! I just wanted to send a quick update from Beijing. Things here are going really well! My practices for the past few days have been pretty low key and easy (to get my body ready) and they have been going great! Everything feels good and I am definitely ready to go! We start tomorrow and I can’t wait!

I also just wanted to thank everyone for all of the support! It has been amazing. I have been getting messages on facebook, myspace, and my website from around the world. It is so cool to know that so many people are behind me, cheering for me and praying for me! So keep it coming!!!
I love reading all of your messages and notes of encouragement.

Please pray for me tomorrow; for safety, for strength, for energy, and just that I would be able to go out there and do my best!
Let’s bring home the Gold and the title “Worlds Greatest Athlete” to our great nation. GO USA!!!!

- Bryan

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Nathan James | on 24/8/08

Bryan, Not only are you an amazing athlete. You are an awesome person and you seem Extremely nice. It’s really awesome that your Half-Asian like me! I hope you feel all your hard work as payed off. Enjoy Beijing! it’s an amazing city I was there last march

Valerie | on 24/8/08

Hi Bryan,

CONGRATULATIONS on your gold medal achievement!

This year is the first year that I’ve actually sat down and watched the Olympics with anticipation and excitement. Part of that excitement was watching you perform in the Decathalon… I am so happy and excited for you and your family because all your hard work has paid off. I have a son of my own and will be sure that he is made aware of role models like yourself. You are an exemplary man!

Congratulations again and thank you for bringing the Olympics alive the way you have!


D. Yamaguchi | on 23/8/08

Aloha, Bryan—

Congratulations on your decisive victory in the Olympic Decathlon! It was such an inspiration to see you compete at the highest levels in your sport, and you have made all Americans (especially all of us in HAWAII) so proud! After the countless hours of diligent training and faithful labor, you are richly deserving of all the blessings and rewards that God may bestow upon you. May the Lord continue to hold you and your family in the palm of His hand.

With warmest Aloha,

Annie | on 23/8/08

Dear Bryan,
Thank you for being an excellent example of a Christian who believes that through God, all things are possible. We pray that your witness will serve to bring others to experience the Joy of being a child of a loving and powerful God.
With love,

PK Higa | on 23/8/08

Great job Bryan- we knew you would bring home the gold!! Called Shandon as soon as we got the great news, staying up to hear it officially! Praying for your safe return home and hope to see you soon- maybe you’ll make it here to Maui.
God bless- we are extremely proud- you are the world’s greatest!!!
Coach PK

Leila | on 22/8/08

Hi Bryan,

We watched you for the first time tonight…saw your clip with your family..and both my husband and I were saying…he looks asian…he also has a humility about him…and then, bam…we looked up your bio, you’re from Hawaii! Awesome! I was born and raised in Honolulu, too (transplant to Cali)! AND we are christians…To God Be the Glory! You’re an awesome example! Congratulations on the Gold and Hana Hou!!! Well deserved!

Leila and Manuel

Kahea | on 22/8/08

You go HAAAA-Waiii- An!!

Jasmine | on 22/8/08

Hi Bryan,

Just wanted to say congratulations for winning the Gold.
You sure are HOT!

P.S. I usually don’t go for athletes.

Del & Leslie McMillan | on 22/8/08

We are so happy for your success, and we want to affirm another very important fact! We didn’t know about you before, but as we followed your Olympic Gold victory, noting your demeanor and some of your comments about family and unconditional love, we kept saying, “He really seems like a Christian.” Sure enough, a quick Google search confirmed your testimony as a born again believer serving the Lord. The Gold is great, and so is the light of Christ shining through you! God bless you!

K | on 22/8/08

hana hou!!! no ka oi!!

Del & Leslie McMillan | on 22/8/08

Hi, Bryan:

We are so happy for your success, and we want to affirm another very important fact! We didn’t know about you before, but as we followed your Olympic Gold victory, noting your demeanor and some of your comments about family and unconditional love, we kept saying, “He really seems like a Christian.” Sure enough, a quick Google search confirmed your testimony as a born again believer serving the Lord. The Gold is great, and so is the light of Christ shining through you! God bless you!

Naomi | on 22/8/08

Hi Bryan just wanted to say congrats on winning gold! your perfromance was outstanding and incredible we will be cheering you on in CALI wish you the best of luck and be safe out there! from a blasian to another!

rolf jermaine parangan | on 22/8/08

greetings in the mighty name of Jesus…thanks Him for giving you a strength and power..congrats for the well-deserved gold. I was watching your game and you really did well. God bless and hoping for the response..Congrats..

Sharon | on 22/8/08

Aloooha Bryan,

We are so very proud of you here in Hawaii. Congratulations on your well deserved Gold Medal!! Thank you also for being such a great role model with your honesty, sincerity, goodwill, endurance and performance. May you and yours be blessed with all the rewards and success that come with greatness.


rusty malonso | on 22/8/08

Hope you get on that Wheaties box. If you do I may actually buy it. Amazing that I did not hear anything about your before the O. Peace.

Susan | on 22/8/08

Hi, Bryan

I like to see you compete so well.


Sarah | on 22/8/08

Congrats on your well-deserved Gold, Bryan! We are so proud of you back here in Glendora. You’ve been in our prayers!

~ a fellow ’03 APU grad/former RA/current Glendora resident

colleen burdett | on 22/8/08

What a joy it has been, Bryan and Sarah, to pray alongside you both (and Ryder’s best buddy Jacob and your daughter!) in this journey.

Your dedication, Bryan and Sarah, focus and sacrifice is an inspiration to our family. May the Lord give you opportunities to tell the world of where your strength comes from!

Colleen Burdett, John’s mom and Ryder’s Grammie!

anne | on 22/8/08

hello bryan! I am happy that you have gained this golden medal . you deserved it. you were most strong .

sheri newton | on 22/8/08

great job! another Gold for the US. Congrats on a job well done. Much success in the future.

Ben | on 22/8/08

I love the fact that you’re not the least bit arrogant. Thank you for being such a great role-model for the world’s young people. It would be an honor to meet you and I am honored to be a citizen of the same country as you. We need more people like you.

Sze Lin | on 22/8/08

Bryan, you went to beijing for the gold and you got it!! You were really in a league of your own. Well done.

Elena | on 22/8/08

Hi Bryan! I would like to say to you a big Bravo gor everything you’ve done there in Pekino and in your life till now. I pray for you to be healthy psycically and mentally,cause is very important for the balance of your body.So I hope the best and dont forget to thank God for everything! Goodbye(Antio)

Shawn | on 21/8/08

Hi Bryan,
Congratulations on your first day of events! I am one of your old neigbors from back in 2004 when we lived across from APU. I had the privilege of congratulating you after the ’04 Olympics. We are praying for you and cheering you on. You are such an inspiration to many people. God Bless!

Bailey and Kasey Baptista | on 21/8/08

We have been praying for you everyday, many times a day. We are so excited to know the “Worlds Greatest Athlete”. Thank you for being a great role model. We know you have worked hard and know you will do your best. Kasey and I are praying for the GOLD!!!!

Willie Hamlett | on 21/8/08

As you know, you are in our prayers.

Sheri | on 21/8/08

Bryan, We are here screaming and routing for you as you completed your fifth event. Good luck and I hope you come away with the top medal. I really think you are a true athlete to do all those events. Most people just concentrate on one or two but 10 has got to be the epitomy of a true athlete. GO GO GO!!!

Mike | on 20/8/08

Bryan, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. A gold medal win will propel your name as the greatest athlete and people need to know how great you really are. I can’t wait to see you perform. I know how difficult this event is and I wish you the best of luck.

Greg Lee | on 20/8/08

Hello and ALOHA Bryan,

We here in Santa Clara, California are thinking about you and will be cheering you on. The group here learned about your Olympic Quest and your journey since leaving Azusa Pacific from Lorraine Martinez. We’ll be cheering for you - Have a Fantastic time, Enjoy the moment, and Bring Home the GOLD !

Greg, Lorraine, Paula

Dawn | on 20/8/08

Hey Bryan! It’s Christy’s sister and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been praying for you. We’ll be watching closely!!

Tim Johnson | on 20/8/08

Hey buddy,
I was just watching the doc we did in Athens (it’s on my website…. and it made me wanna cry seeing you praying at the long jump pit, seeing our small group praying in the morning, and seeing you come around for your victory lap
I just wanted to remind you that your family, both your blood relatives and the rest of us are so proud of who you are as a person, and what you stand for. The Lord is blessing your focus, your determination, your hard work, and your witness.
Whatever happens tomorrow, you are exactly what God made you to be.
know that you’re covered in prayer, this is your moment!

ricaurte goti | on 20/8/08

my support for your quest to olympic glory

Karen and Don Perris | on 19/8/08

Hi Bryan,
We are praying for you and excited to see God use you. May He smile on you and may you feel His delight. Enjoy your experience and bring home the Gold!!!

Cliff Hamlow | on 19/8/08


Our prayers are with you- Thanks for honoring the Lord and he will bless your efforts. The City of Glendora is with you and watching your great effort.

Thanks for being you and whatever the outcome you have brought great honor the the Lord.


pono | on 19/8/08


michele | on 19/8/08

Do it for Kutztown University PA !

Alex | on 19/8/08

Hey Brian, Love following you on your website. Everyone from the East Bay here is pulling for you. Bring home the gold! - Alex

Brendan | on 19/8/08

Good luck tomorrow. I will be rooting for you. Bring the Gold back to the USA!!!!!!!!