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Tue, Sep 2nd 2008, 11:30

Bryan answers questions from fans

Q: Hello Bryan. My name is Nick and I live in Fullerton (just south of you in Glendora). How does one with no experience get involved in track and field? What suggestions do you have for someone with no experience? Good luck and God speed towards GOLD.

A: I would have to say to first of all start running! Join a local track club or join the tream if you are still in school.

Q: Hi Bryan, I think it is great that you train with your lab. How do you make sure he does not get overheated? Good luck!!

A: I make sure he has water to drink when he is out there. He lays down in the shade when he is tired, then he comes home and swims in our pool!

Q: Aloha, What local foods do you miss the most? Good luck to you!!!

A: I miss Zippy’s chili and rice, shave ice, I miss a lot of stuff!

Q: hey are you gona try to go to the 2012 lodon games

A: That is the plan!

Q: whats your middle name?

A: Bryan Ezra Tsumoro Clay

Q: Do you work a full time job and then train for the decathalon?

A: Training for the decathlon is my full-time job. I have been blessed to get sponsors such as the ones listed here on my page, who basically pay me to do what I do!

Q: I was just wondering how I can get involved with your foundation and also getting you to make an appearance to Arkansas.

A: The best thing for you to do for both of these questions would be to contact my manager at [email protected] Thanks for the interest in the foundation!

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Mike | 4 days, 15 hours ago

Bryan, just wanted you to know how proud America is of your gold, your abilities and most of all the honorable way that you carry yourself. My 5-yr old twin boys Joshua and Caleb think you’re the greatest. It’s hard to find great role models like you these days. Thanks for being someone they can look up to. God bless.

????? | 1 week, 1 day ago

What kind of video games do you like? And what kind do you have?

Nina Huang | 1 week, 3 days ago

Hi Bryan, I was never a fan of any stars, Hollywood or Olympic, until I saw your performance in Beijing. You are awesome! I was very impressed with your determination and intelligent performance. I did not see pictures of your parents in your web. Can you put them on your site? They must be so proud of you.

Hope you will visit Atlanta sometime and we get to meet you in person! Good Luck to your next great game!


Mott | 2 weeks ago

Hey Bryan! i know you probably been getting some heat from the media, saying that your not the greatest athlete but Phelps is and i know your a man of god(GOD BLESS YOU BY THE WAY) and and i have to admit that you have a lot of class and i got yo back:) you let me know if anyone gets to you man, *oh yeah uh when u see oprah, can you ask her to loan me a couple dollars?
about a couple thousand will do*

Anne Bower | 2 weeks ago

Kaneohe-Kahaluu people are so proud of your acomplishments at the Olympics, and in your personal life. I am on the Kaneohe Christmas Parade Committee and we would like to invite you to appear in our parade this year on 12/06 if you are available. By the way, two of my grandchildren graduated from CHS with you - Kehau and Joshua Willis.

Jennifer | 2 weeks ago

I’m another Castle grad. and I’m very proud of you! I’m just wondering, which inter. sku did you go to and wat kind of training do you do to get ready for the 1500 run? I run dat sometime and I want to get better like you. Thanks!

David Krumland | 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Hey Bryan I’m a sophmore in high school and i sprint, long jump, I thew disc in middle school, and I’m now doing pole vaulting. So how would I i start the other 6 events?