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Wed, Aug 20th 2008, 16:30

Clay's feats continue to amaze other athletes

BEIJING — Jan Zelezny, the three-time Olympic javelin champion, continues being amazed by Bryan Clay’s ability to fling the spear humongous distances.

“Bryan Clay is incredible,” said Zelezny, in a break between decathlon events Thursday at the “Bird’s Nest” stadium.

“He is a smaller man but he always beats the bigger men. It just goes to show that how big you are isn’t everything. You can make up for it many ways.

“Clay does it with his great technique, and his great fighting spirit.

“He believes in hismelf and has such a big heart.”

Zelezny, representing the Czech Republic, won his Olympic javelin golds at Barelona in 1992, Atlanta in 1996, and Sydney in 2000. His 1996 throw of 98.48 meters remains the world record.

But Clay is a superb javelin thrower, too. His all-time best in the javelin is 72.00 meters, one of the longest in decathlon history.

Even though he stands 5 feet 10, weighs 185, and is surrounded by much bigger men every time he lines up for a decathlon, Clay traditionally separates himself from his rivals in the throws.

“He amazes me by this special ability,” said Zelezny.

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