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Tue, Aug 26th 2008, 14:27

Bryan Clay's Family Returns Home from Beijing

The family of the world’s greatest athlete returned home today fresh off an amazing trip to Beijing China. Decked in white Bryan Clay T-shirts, family members were all smiles Monday, still pinching themselves about their incredible olympic memories.

“I’m really really proud it was a lifetime experience,” said Clay’s mother, Michele Vandenberg.

A lifetime experience for a man who sacrificed so much to reach his goal — olympic gold.

“When you’re the parent and you’re watching you just get all choked up - you just are overwhelmed with emotion,” said Vandenberg.

And emotions swelled during Clay’s gold medal ceremony.

“It was such a proud moment to sing the national anthem,” said Vandenberg.

“Blew my mind to see my brother up there — the anthem playing was just too much for me kind of amazing experience,” said younger brother, Nikolas Clay.

Even Clay’s high school coach says the moment was overwhelming.

“Hearing the national anthem on foreign grounds is really special it was more special when Bryan received his gold medal — it was really a tear jerker for me, it was wonderful,” said Martin Hee, Clay’s coach at Castle High School.

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