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Tue, Sep 9th 2008, 10:30


by Gary Belsky, ESPN The Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Bryan Clay just dropped by my office. You probably haven’t heard of him because, for some reason, the best athlete in the world doesn’t get to be really famous anymore.* Clay is the winner of the most recent Olympic decathlon—ten events over two days, both of which last about 14 hours, all of which are spent in “the zone,” that period of intense focus that successful athletes find themselves in during competition. That makes marathoners or race car drivers look like they’re loafing.

Anyway, Clay came by my office, along with ESPN The Magazine senior editor Alison Overholt and senior deputy editor Steve Malley, who oversee our Olympics coverage. He brought with him a box of Wheaties with his picture on it, so he’s not totally unfamous.** But he should be a lot better known, not just because he’s the best athlete in the world, but also because he has a great sense of humor. I know this because he didn’t kill me when I stole his gold medal.

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