Interesting Facts

Olympic champion decathlete

(what you won’t find on Facebook even if you are approved as a friend)

Born: Jan 3, 1980 in Austin, Texas
Status: Married
Alma Mater: Azusa Pacific University
What’s on TV: Deadlist Catch, Man vs. Wild, Dirty Jobs, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, House, 24
What I drive: 2006 grey Toyota Avalon
Favorite flicks: Moulin Rouge, The Fifth Element, Romeo and Juliet, Newsies, Meet The Fockers, Braveheart
What I’m reading: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
Superstitions: Fresh hair cut and shave legs the night before a meet.
On my office walls: Pic of me standing alone on the Olympic track in the pouring rain; pic of wife and kids.
First job: My first real job was painting classrooms at the private elementary school my mom worked at. I think I was more of a handyman assistant. My grandfather was the handyman. Anyway, I grew up always helping my grandfather; this is just the first job I remember being on the payroll.
Talent I’d most like to have: Sing or play an instrument.
Favorite athelete to watch in another sport: Tiger Woods
Favorite cities to visit: Honolulu, Seattle, NYC, Boston, Chicago
Favorite team as a kid: Chicago Bulls because of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman
Favorite values in others: Trustworthiness
Least favorite physical attribute about myself: Big legs
Dream date: My wife
My greatest love: 1. Wife 2. Track and field 3. Chips- not plain potato chips, they have to have some sort of flavor.
My bucket list: 1. Win another gold medal. 2. Go on safari hunting trip 3. Buy a boat 4. Raise a few farm animals
My motto: God first, family second, everything else third.