In 2005 I started the Bryan Clay Foundation to help
“build champions, and change lives.” In short, my
Foundation exists to give kids as many opportunities
as possible. By doing this, we are
opening a door for youth to build
their self-confidence and then
equipping them with the practical
tools necessary to maximize their
potential. Growing up I wasn’t
thefastest, the strongest, or the
smartest kid. I came from a broken
home and was a bit of a trouble
maker growing up. But, thanks
to my mom, I found track and
field. I discovered I was fast
and that I could hone my
talents into one dream- winning
an Olympic Gold Medal.
Through my sponsors and
donors, we are drawing
together to help kids dive
into their gifts and talents,
build their character,
and live life fulfilled. I hope
you will join me in giving back.


Thank You,