Events and Programs

Walks for Wellness Campaign

In keeping with our mission, the National Walk for Wellness Campaign was designed to address two pressing issues impacting our youth across the nation:

Issue #1:
National Budget Cuts in Education

Which has led to the Elimination of:
-School Faculty and Staff
-Physical Education Programs
-After School Programs
-Intramural Sports
-Tutoring Programs
-Music Education Programs
-Science Education Programs
-Art Education Programs
-Electives and Field Trips
-Librarian and Technology Services
-Safety Monitors

Issue #2:
Unhealthy Living

Which has led to:
-Widespread Obesity
-Sleeping Disorders
-Weak Immune Systems
-High Cholesterol
-High Blood Pressure
-Loss of Energy
-Loss of Focus
-Loss of Motivation
-Low Self Esteem
-Decreased Life Span


We at the Bryan Clay Foundation recognize the time to act is now. Through creativity and unity we seek to move forward as problem-solvers. In our communities we hope to provide real, tangible solutions to these issues. We have worked hard to ensure the Walk for Wellness Campaign is a turn-key system; meaning it is as easy, efficient, and as effective as possible- for all parties involved.

In two years, our prototype has helped a dozen schools raise more than $140,000 (utilized at the discretion of the Schools, PTA members, and school administrators). In addition, the Bryan Clay Foundation has given back more than $8,000 in scholarships to students showing excellence in leadership, citizenship and academics. But this program is more than just fundraising- it’s about promoting self-respect and inspiring our youth to live fulfilled lives’. It is about instilling in them the desire to make healthy choices, pursue active lifestyles, and establish habits that lead to well-being.


Kidfit Clinics

The Bryan Clay Foundation Kidfit Clinics are designed to help young athletes assess and increase basic athleticism skills which include speed, power, agility, reaction, and quickness. During the clinic, athletes rotate from station to station were they are encouraged by local college athletes to help improve self-confidence through positive feedback and constructive coaching. The Kidfit Clinics are also attended by celebrity guests such as Shawn T (creator of the Insanity Program), of course, Bryan Clay. Young athletes walk away with invaluable inspiration and experienced based training for success in both sports and life. Herein lies the most powerful aspect of this program.


Legacy Scholarships

In keeping with our goal to create financial assistance in the communities we serve, Bryan Clay started the Bryan Clay Foundation Legacy Scholarships account. Legacy Scholarships are awarded to individuals who are selected by our Foundation team in recognition of outstanding leadership, citizenship, athletic achievement, and/ or academic success. The Foundation manages these funds through ING Direct and funds are distributed during the individuals college years. As financial resources come in, the Bryan Clay Foundation also awards.


Wine Walk Fundraisers

In keeping with our goal to create community empowerment activities and raise funds for our scholarship account, the Bryan Clay Foundation (in partnership with local sponsors and vendors) has hosted a number of community wine walks. Wine walks are fun, entertaining  events held in the evening and feature downtown business venues as temporary wine tasting stations. Participants purchase a ticket with a set quantity of “wine stops” and, using the map provided, stroll in and out of shops and business to receive wine tastings at featured pouring stations. Business owners mingle with new guests as participants share quality time together while enjoying an elegant, upscale ambiance created by featured business who decorate for the occasion. Wine walks help strengthen community ties by cultivating awareness for local business while supporting the endeavors of the Bryan Clay Foundation through the proceeds generated on ticket sales, auctions, and sponsorships.