“Building champions, changing lives.”

A Quick Look:

Our dream at the Bryan Clay Foundation is to see youth become fulfilled, productive members of society who are passionate about giving back to their communities through the positive impact of their gifts and talents and their ongoing effort to live well as they unlock their potential.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Bryan Clay Foundation is to mentor youth as they mature in their gifts and talents- to help motivate and empower them with the opportunities, self-discipline, and the practical tools necessary to maximize their potential. Through our programs, we hope to enrich the human spirit by encouraging the development of character and the pursuit of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual (or purposeful) well-being.

Core Values:

The Bryan Clay Foundation values optimism, perseverance, accountability, and an uncompromised standard of excellence in action, attitude, and what we say. We aspire to achieve a public reputation built on the value of our corporate character and our ability to provide real, tangible change.

The Bryan Clay Foundation advocates for healthy, balanced living and designs programs that:

  • Stimulate and encourage Personal Development and Financial Literacy;
  • Foster Authentic Community Empowerment Activities;
  • Initiate Athletic and Fitness Enhancement Programs to reinforce active life styles; and
  • Create the ability to provide financial assistance in the communities we serve.

Corporate Statement:

The Bryan Clay Foundation, its Officers, Board, Associates, Consultants, and any other third party provider, invest their time, energy, and resources in opportunities that inspire all to live life to the fullest. We must act above reproach so that no public misconception can hinder the achievement of the goals defined by the Bryan Clay Foundation’s Corporate Directives. Let us each bind ourselves to the corporate culture we established and realize there exists something bigger at stake- that is the well-being of humanity and the empowerment of tomorrow’s champions. May our success inspire others to carry the torch into a brighter future, remembering that in everything we do, we must be humble, integrity driven, and consistently asking ourselves these questions:

Why are we here?
How can we serve most efficiently and effectively?
Do our actions, attitudes, and words represent our values and priorities?
How can our service be self-sustained for optimal impact?

It is by this standard that the Foundation will weigh its decisions and conduct its transactions.